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22 Reasons to Sign Up with SurfSideSafe

22 Reasons to Sign Up with SurfSideSafe

Category: 22 Reasons to Sign Up with SurfSideSafeSurfSideSafe
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Our goal is to be the Best Social Media Website

It took us about a year and a half to create SurfSideSafe.

During the time, we did extensive research, and asked a lot of questions.

We wanted to find out what people LIKE and DISLIKE about social media platforms.

As a result of our work, here it is! We are very proud of SurfSideSafe, and we hope you will be proud to be a member of the platform that will take Social Media to a New Level.

We are going to do everything possible to make SurfSideSafe the best social media website.

We have the WOW Factor

You're about to see features that will blow your mind. Many of these features have never before been seen in any Social Media Platform.

SurfSideSafe will become one of the best Social Media Websites

SurfSideSafe is FREE, and always will be

No user will ever pay to use SurfSideSafe. It is free today, and it will be free twenty years from today. SurfSideSafe will never ask you for a debit or credit card number.

We are the safest Social Media Platform and we protect your privacy

SurfSideSafe is the safest Social Media Website on the internet

We mean what we say. You have our word on two things. First, your information will not be shared with anyone, no matter what. Second, your online activities will never be monitored by us. We take your privacy very seriously.

You may want to take time to read our privacy policy. You will find that it is different from any privacy policy you have ever seen.

We maintain our INTEGRITY, HONESTY and FAIRNESS, and we will not be compromised

SurfSideSafe will maintain its integrity

As the administrators of SurfSideSafe, we want to remain impartial. At the same time, we want to be fair and honest with our member users.

Our members are what is most important to us. We want them to feel free to post whatever is on their minds. Your post WILL be shown on your page, and on the home page when you, or any or your friends are logged in. At SurfSideSafe, we want our member users to decide what is posted.

We will NOT be compromised by anyone, no matter what. We will not succumb to any special interest groups. We will not suppress anything that our members want to post. Our members have the right to express themselves, and we will make sure they are allowed to exercise this right.

We are not for sale, and we will not sell out to anyone. You have our word on this.

Creating a new account with SurfSideSafe is very easy

It takes less than a minute to create a new account. All you need to enter in the signup form are your firstname, lastname, email, and password. Confirm your password and click on the button. That's all there is to it. Now, you are ready to log in for the first time. Just follow the movements in the above image, and you will see how easy it is.

We have a simple layout and very easy navigation that makes our site very user friendly

We have taken the confusion out of Social Media. Look at the above image. When you click on posts, you see posts. Click on photos, and you will see photos. Click on friends, and you will see friends. There is no need to scroll down to see what you went there to see.

Also, notice that we have two drop down menus. The first menu on the right at the top has to do with your interaction with SurfSideSafe. The other, on your friend's profile page has to do with your interaction with that user.

That's all there is to it. How much easier can this be?

Mobile Social Media and navigation on our mobile site is very easy

Our Smart Phone version is just as easy to navigate as our desktop version. The most unique feature is the user's picture and name at the top of each page. You can go to your profile page from anywhere in SurfSideSafe very easily. Our tablet version is the same as our desktop version.

Our background feature for the user profile pages will blow you away

One of our unique features is the animated background for the user's profile page. By default, there's a video background. We designed this to give our users the feeling of looking outside a window and experiencing a scenic view.

You can add a beach front, city skyline, wintery scene, or any of the other animated backgrounds we offer. Or, you can add your own video as a background. The possibilities are endless. And if you like the background, but don't want the animation all of the time, you can easily turn it off and on with a click or a touch. Follow the above image and you will see how easy it is.

Of course, you don't have to have an animated background, as you will see next.

SurfSideSafe offers you more choices

You may not want a video or animated background. This is no problem. We offer you the options to add a photo background, or a color background. With these options, you can make your profile as decorative, elegant, or as simple as you like.

Remember, this is your home away from home. You decide how you want it to look.

SurfSideSafe has the most unique messaging system in Social Media

This is a feature that we're very proud of, and one that has been needed in Social Media for a long time.

When you send messages to and receive messages from other users, they are very easy to read. Messages are shown on a separate page for the other user with whom you are chatting. The messages you send are on the left, and the ones received are on the right, with the top being the most recent.

And by the way, messages are in real time, meaning, new messages automatically appear without your having to refresh the page. And, of course, you can send photos in your messages.

We have the best video uploading system

This is the best video uploading system you will ever see in Social Media, for two reasons. First, video uploads are lightening fast. If you want a video in your post, or your own video background, you will never have to wait for a notification telling you that your video is ready. Second, it does not matter what type video file you are uploading. Our system will automatically convert it to MP4.

Keeping track of friend requests has never been easier

There is an item in the menu on the user's pages, Friend Requests, that link to a page that shows all requests. The requests you send are on the left, and the ones you receive are on the right. A number is shown next to this item when there are friend requests pending. Once they are accepted or rejected, the number is reduced, and the users who were shown on the page are no longer displayed.

This feature was added so you can keep track of the friend requests you send. However, for the ones received, the notification at the top keeps blinking until you accept or reject the request. Finally, when someone accepts your request, you will get a notification to confirm it. With this feature, you will never forget the friend requests you send.

You can create your very own photo albums online

In addition to adding photos to your posts, you have the option of creating a photo album. You can add up to four photos at a time to your new photo album. We made this limit small to make this simple to use. Create as many albums as you want. Other users can reply to each individual photo in your album.

We have the best Social Media MarketPlace

SurfSideSafe has one of the best Social Media MarketPlaces on the internet. Here, you can list any item you want to sell. When you create a listing, you are allowed to add up to 20 images of your product.

List cars, boats, furniture, electronics, etc. Anything you want to sell, you can list here. All listings are free. And by the way, we do allow users to add affiliate links to their marketplace listings.

Finally, listings in the SurfSideSafe MarketPlace are indexed to the search engines. This means, anything you list could get some exposure on the internet. People who search the web do not have to be logged in to see a MarketPlace listing.

Users can create a page, establish an online presence and do some serious Social Media Marketing

Create Page - Establish an online presence - SurfSideSafe

If you have a business and/or website, you can create a page and market your product. SurfSideSafe provides you the opportunity to get a backlink to your website. The pages created are indexed to the search engines, getting your business a lot of exposure.

There are two types of pages - membership and non-membership pages. If the page is for a business or website, you probably want a non-membership page. This means two things. First, you as the administrator, are the only one who can post to this page. Second, you can add your website address, and it will be distinctly shown on your page.

If you want to establish a group, have a project, or are devoted to a particular cause or topic, you probably want a membership page. With this type of page, other users can request membership to your page. If approved, any member user can post to your page.

You have more opportunities to boost posts and get more website traffic

Create Page - Establish an online presence - Boost Post - SurfSideSafe

We offer users who create pages a free service that no other Social Media site offers. Users who create pages can boost their posts. This means, the post from your page will appear on the home page of SurfSideSafe, in a separate column. We do not lure our users into paying for advertising in order to boost a post.

All you need to do is click on the Boost button, shown in the above image, and just like that, your post is on our home page.

There is only one condition with boosting posts. You can only have three boosted posts at one time for each page you manage. This should be no problem. If you want to boost a post, and already have three boosted, all you will need to do is un-boost one of your previous posts. This is a feature that will help your business grow, at no cost. Social Media Marketing has never been easier.

If you ever need help and support, we have an excellent Support Center

Support Center - Social Media - SurfSideSafe

Our Support Center is one of the best Social Media Support Centers on the internet. There you will find the answer to almost any question you may have about how to use SurfSideSafe. Also, you will find videos that will help you.

SurfSideSafe is available on IOS and Android Apps

IOS App - Android App - SurfSideSafe

If you are a mobile user, you can get our IOS app from the Apple App Store, and our Android app from Google Play

We are here to help. You are always free to contact us

Good communication - Safe social media - SurfSideSafe

If you ever have a question, problem, or just need help, we strongly encourage you to contact us. We read every email, and make every possible effort to answer every one.

There are two ways you can contact us. For logged in users, you can use the regular contact form. For non-logged in users, or people who are not users, you can use the contact form in our Support Center.

You can hide your profile from search engines if you prefer

Hide profile - Safe social media - SurfSideSafe

When you create an account with SurfSideSafe, your profile is automatically indexed for the search engines. People can find you in a search. However, if you prefer not to be indexed, we offer the option of removing your profile from the search.

There are built in safeguards to protect our users

Safeguards to protect users - Safe social media - SurfSideSafe

Here at SurfSideSafe, you can post anything you want to post. We let our users decide what is and is not appropriate.

What is offensive to one user may not necessarily be offensive to other users. For this reason, there is a red flag on each post. If you don't like a certain post, you can click or touch the red flag. The administrator will be notified, and decide whether the post should remain, or be removed. In any event, the user who flags the post will never see it again.

If a post is flagged more than once, it will be removed, according to our policy. If this happens, the user who created the post will be notified.

We do not ghost posts

Ghosted posts - Safe social media - SurfSideSafe

Here's what happens when a post is ghosted. A user posts something on Social Media, and it is never displayed. The user can't find the post, and wonders why it is not shown. Also, the user is never notified. Unfortunately, many websites make a habit of doing this to their users very often.

We do not do this, because it is very unfair to the user. Every active post you have made will be shown.

If a post is ever removed, it will be for a very good reason. More important, the user will be notified.

We do not allow duplicate profiles

Duplicate profiles - Safe social media - SurfSideSafe

In today's Social Media platforms, it is very common for someone to create a profile that is an exact copy of another user's profile. This happens too often.

We added coding to highlight this if and when it happens, and we monitor this very closely. If we see two profiles that are identical, we will first contact the user.

Sometimes, a user might want to create another profile, and that's fine. However, if we determine that a duplicate profile is created, against the original user's wishes, the more recent profile will be removed.

Concluding thoughts

We are very proud of our Social Media Platform. A lot of work, care, and passion went into the creation of what is about to become one of the best Social Media Platforms in the world.

We care about our users. Our mission is to give you an enjoyable, and safe place to meet new people, communicate with people you know, and most important, have a good time. We want your experience with SurfSideSafe to be the most enjoyable online experience you've ever had in your life.

Always remember this:

At SurfSideSafe, we are here to make your life much better.

Social Media take to a new level-SurfSideSafe

Social Media taken to a New Level

Join SurfSideSafe

Creating an account with SurfSideSafe is very easy.

In a few minutes, you will have the best Social Media experience you have ever had in your life.

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Sign up for SurfSideSafe-Social Media taken to a New Level

Creating an account with SurfSideSafe is very easy.

In a few minutes, you will have the best Social Media experience you have ever had in your life.

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