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The Titanic Story: From Tragedy to Obsession to More Tragedy

The Titanic Story: From Tragedy to Obsession to More Tragedy

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What is it about the Titanic that makes people irrational?

With the recent story about the Titan submarine implosion, the infamous Royal Mail Steamer (R.M.S.) Titanic is once again a very hot topic.

Of course, in its day, the Titanic was the standard by which all luxury ships were judged. But was it really?

According to Merriam-Webster, a standard is a means of determining what a thing should be. If you connect this, it means the ship was supposed to sink.

There are reasons why the Titanic foundered, and the Titan imploded. One of the reasons is very similar.

The Titanic Story: From Tragedy to Obsession to More Tragedy

Why Titanic sank and Titan imploded

A few days ago, I heard a news reporter say that both Titanic and Titan met with tragedy for the same reason. Basically, what he indicated was, the owners of both vessels thought their product was invincible, and were invulnerable to tragedy.

What did the Titanic in

It is documented that the man who built the Titanic said, "God Himself Could Not Sink This Ship."

Numerous safety warnings were ignored by the captain and the owners of the Titanic. Here are a few:

  • Before Titanic set sail, her sister ship, Olympic, met with a tragedy. This should have told them to stay out of the water for the time being.
  • Alexander Carlisle, chief draughtsman and general manager at Harland & Wolff, wanted 64 lifeboats, but later reduced his request to 32. He was overruled because it was thought that more lifeboats would remove some of the luxury of the ship, plus, make the passangers feel uncomfortable. Carlisle then retired and did not have anything more to do with shipbuilding.
  • There was a flaw in the Titanic's steel. The sulfur content in the metal was extremely high, causing it to be more susceptible to damage in cold weather. The rivets were iron, and were not compatible the low grade of steel they were attached to. The two combined could never have withstood the gash from the iceberg. The owners knew about this, but were more concerned about saving money.
  • The ship was sailing at full speed, through a field of ice, despite several ice warnings.
  • The lookout men on the ship's crows nest had no binoculars. A seaman who was supposed to sail with them but was re-assigned had the key to the crow nest's locker, where the binoculars were kept. Had the lookout men had the binoculars, they would have seen the iceberg sooner, and the tragedy would never have occurred.

The Titanic Story: From Tragedy to Obsession to More Tragedy
The bow of the Titanic over the years

What did the Titan in

Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate, owner of the Titan also ignored safety warnings.

  • There were early warning signs that the sub's material wasn't safe. Several people told him, "Someone is going to be killed in this thing."
  • Rush cut corners by building his sub without including self-rescue capacity. This is a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) that serves as a rescue tool, in case of an emergency. Since he was operating in international waters, he said that there was no way of stopping him.
  • One man, who rode the Titan on a previous mission, described his voyage to a newspaper as suicide.
  • OceanGate admitted on their website that the parts were off the shelf, making the Titan easier to fix. The decision to use these faulty materials has been called into question. Many of the lighting fixtures were purchased at Camping World.
  • Many of the riders on previous missions said that the Titan was less sophistocated than they expected.
  • For steering, Rush used a Play Station Controller.
  • When warned about issues, Rush brushed them off by claiming that NASA had assisted in the design.

The Titan operated in international waters, meaning, it was outside the jurisdiction of government agencies. The passengers had to sign a waiver before getting on board. This meant, the Titan had not been approved by any regulator.

Rush was skeptical of safety standards. He said that laws governing under seas vessels needlessly prioritized passenger safety over innovation. He made a comment to CBS, saying, "If you want to be safe, don't get out of bed."

Mr. Rush had been warned about these concerns by many people for years, even before Titan disappeared. Some of the people who warned him were leaders in the submarine industry, who said that his experimental approach of taking the Titan down could be catastrophic.

There are only 10 vehicles in the world that can go 400 meters or deeper. All of them are certified, except the Titan.

It was the same type of arrogance that caused both the sinking of the Titanic, and the implosion of the Titan.

The Titanic put profits and notoriety over the safety of their passengers.

In the case of the Titan, it was innovation.

In both cases, there is a common denominator - EGO! Watch out for that ego. If used incorrectly, it could cost people their lives, as we have seen.

The real reason both met with tragedy

You have heard stories over the years, no doubt.

The Titanic went down because:

  • They ignored the warnings.
  • The iceberg was spotted too late.
  • The ship couldn't turn worth a flip.
  • The ship should have hit it head on instead of sideways.
  • The guys on the crows nest had no binoculars.
  • The maiden voyage was delayed because of the Olympic tragedy.
  • There was a fire on the ship before she set sail.
  • The Californian offered no help.
  • The bulkheads were too short.
  • The guys at White Star Lines and Harland & Wolff had big egos.
  • Perhaps the captain had been drinking, but that's a new one. I've never heard this one.

You can throw all of this out the window. It's nothing but hearsay. It's just opinions of different people.

There is only one reason the Titanic sank, and it's not hearsay.

The Titanic went down because it was its fate.

It was just its time. It was meant to happen, and nothing or no one could have prevented it.

Forget all the ridiculous things you've heard about why it happened. As for the people who have made the claims, were they there?

I've even heard someone actually say that God was angry when the builder said, "God Himself Could Not Sink This Ship." So, He went to the North Atlantic that night and took the form of an iceberg. The part that nicked the ship was His thumping finger.

How bazaar is this? Well, if you believe all of the stories you've heard about why the Titanic sank, you might as well believe this, because they are all bazaar.

As for Stockton Rush, perhaps his philosophy and methods are not the safest. However, he did this for 14 years and managed to stay alive until the Titan tragedy.

He must have done something right during those years.

The reason for the Titan tragedy is the same as that for the Titanic. It was fate. It was his time. It was meant to happen.

However, I have to make a slight modification by saying, I would have felt much safer on the Titanic than in the Titan, provided I had to choose one, which I'm glad I didn't. But I do agree with him when he said, "If you want to be safe, don't get out of bed."

We all have to go sometime. When the Man upstairs wants us, there's nothing we can do about it.

The Titanic Story: From Tragedy to Obsession to More Tragedy
The stern of the Titanic after the sinking

What the future holds

Do I want to go down there and see the Titanic? No Way!

I am somewhat interested in the story, but I'm not obsessed with it, and I am definitely not crazy. But I did enjoy three of the movies made about it.

The Titanic was doomed from the very beginning. It has been said that over 20 people died during the building of the ship, but this is probably hearsay. However, there is documented evidence that 8 people lost their lives.

Of course, we know about the 1,500 or more who died during the tragedy.

When I first heard about the Titan tragedy, the first thing I said to myself is, "After more than one hundred years, that ship is still claiming lives."

Sometimes, we have to speak the truth. And the truth is, the Titanic is cursed. Through no fault of anyone, the grand old ship just has a case of bad chemistry.

The Titanic is now nothing but a venue of death.

The ship was cursed from its very beginning, and will always be, until it becomes a pile of iron ore at the bottom of the Atlantic. People have speculated that this could happen by the year 2030, and by 2037 at the latest.

I believe people should stop going down there to see this ghost ship. This is a grave yard. Let the Titanic, and the people who lost their lives on it rest in peace. Show some respect.

If Stockton Rush had felt this way, he and his last passengers would still be alive. Unfortunately, the Titan will also be known to the world as another venue of death.


The Titanic, and the Titan are both tragedies that were very costly, and will never be forgotten. My heart goes out to all of the people who passed over the last 111 years, on both vessels. And my prayers are with their families.

I hope you liked this article.


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